Saturday, November 6, 2010


i've changed the layout but owh no!!
but i can't see my previous post for my blog~~

why is this happening~~it's a nightmare~~seriusly~~~owh no~~

please,please,please....bloggy~~don't totture me like this~~my earliar post~~~please appear...abracadabra

p/s : the cat is so CUTE!!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


last night was a blast!
i knew we couldn't dance(fatma,elaine,me,valen,anet evangeline) at the end of the prom night becoz teachers will be keeping eye on us~
so we just keep on eating everything,owh~~it's delicious n wow~~but unfortunately why must the fried rice tasteless~i think they don't put salt in there~anyway,my friends(valen and anet aurora) including me are running and the seats are all been taken by others ,we ask if there's any seat for us but we couldn't find one~~fatma and elaine already find seats when they arrived..they also helped us but they couldn't find one...~~
we have to seat at vegetarian table~~there's teacher~~i accompany anet to toilet...after a while,valen text me that fiona already helped us to find seats~~and it's enough for 3 people~~then anet aurora have to go back,she can't stay because she is sick and her gastric is bothering her~
so we send anet outside,after tat we go in again and there are's full of teacher's luckily they are the teachers who doesn't really care we sitting there~~they even asked us to eat a lot~~lol~~
some of the students are singing and edwin from lower six 1,he performed magic tricks(he is actually the mc for that night,his partner is camelia) is fun...he performed 3 magic tricks~the las one is the most interesting--he go around that table and he choose this girl name khadtijah~she is from upper six,he gives her the flower..he's talking chinese laguage when he kind of ask something and he passed the microphone 2 the girl,she said huh?then

well,after that 2 of students came out and sing different chinese song,they both have sweet voice.....then 2 of tudent,kaey yap and khung ting yung came up to the staged and plyed violin,anet evan also sings in kadazan "sinobun pinurubaan" hehe~~~i don't understand what the lyrics are but her vocal was really good,the upper six played charade games,and there's sign language performance~~they are very good and they dress nice also,they played video of teacher's that teach the upper six,the teacher's are wishing them goodluck n goodbye~so sad,then there's this poco2x music are going to be played,teacher bestah start to dance and everybody jion in..fatma elaine me val dance to the music but at first we don't really get so there was alot stepping on other people feet than dancing,after a while we start to get the rhytem~~hehe~~~~~~thanks to teacher bestah!!i supposed his name brings a good  luck~~

finally,the announce of the prom queen and prom king!they both are cute.....this boy is from upper six science and the girl is from(not sure) upper six 1~they 've been asked to dance together but it's really funny and at the same it's really sweet,it's like they are innicent..~so sweet!and then the all goes well i think even one of my friend go home early than we thought~~but i hope she's fine...
and then there comes the open dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!owh god,fatma n elaine start to pull us asked us to dance(unfortunately other people are busy taking pictures on dance floor tables ...everywhere then we just kind of leeting our free and 4 of us started dance to the music~they played maybe 4  songs--club can't handle me right now from step 3 which is perfect for 4 of us,dynamite by taio cruz,and the other two is urmm can't recall but the beat is really getting us to dance more n more~~then wilson join us to dance......he is so lucky that night...4 of us dance with him with upbeating music~~haha~~we dance till we feeling so exhausted!but it's worth it~~but

PS: we're NOT drunk at who needs alcohol when u know that can dance even without it~no offends n hard feelings i'm just saying~~biyane n kamsahamnida for reading this blog! n i want to thanks all the prom night members especially rowena n chang shu yen for maing it such a memorable night..without u all,we can't have this prom night..

Friday, August 13, 2010

so fun yet so tired..puasa~~

anybody notice something about my blog??is it getting weird???or scary???
i let u think


well,actually i haven't upload my blog for almost 2 months...and i suddenly remember bout this thing today
i don't have energy right now,i feel sleepy n really tired plus i'm really thirsty but it's all temptation...nevermind.....only 26 days left...i can do tis.....~~~
owh..i i could take pix right now n show u how sleepy i am...u will not believe....

godnesss~i felt asleep a few seconds..gee~i wonder how i look~~~
is my mouth open suddenly or my face stay as usual~~~~

lol~~i think i should drink water..i feel very sleepy u know~~~~~
and my stomach is starting 2 feel the emptyness~~~please fasten the time this puasa month~~~

Friday, July 23, 2010

i hope

i hope i can achieve my dream
i need it to come true
i need to know the answer
i need to seek that person
i need to change my life
i need my heart to become one again
i need it to be calm and
seek him....
i need to know if he remember me...
my friend told me he remember but love
can happen in many ways
i know he may be in love right now with someone
but can anybody stop this feeling from coming to u
no,u can't
and it doesn't matter if u are a boy or girl
it still comes unexpectedly
i want to be in my fav country even
if something goes wrong
i was wondering the necklace i gave 2 u..can
u recognize me when i grow up??
will u remember me..
i hope u do remember me...
i just need to know the answer
even if the result is good/bad...
then,i'll be ok...
i hope u remember me
i hope i can ask for ur help when
i'm already reach my goal~
do u remember me,do u wear tat necklace??
i hope u do~

Monday, June 21, 2010

i have crazier dream and this is the new one but i'm going for it!

get in line if u want me~i never thought u would acted like a slut while i was gone,maybe u shouldn't kiss and tell,owh owh!

lol~i'm not try to make a statement with that's just i love her voice(kesha)like quirky but rockz,n chicky..hehe!

and i really goes to the limit where i want to live my life my way..not the like i want to run away from home but i want to live like i dreamed always...i want to work and live at my fav country..if i got in this university even now,i'm taking this seriously!i'm gonna strive smart n hard ...well,i was really into my new dreamed,goals,and these things i want to achieve it!! i was praying to god every day...i was really determined to my new goals ..even my mum support this new dreamed of mine..she was saying i have a lot of crazier dreamed i have told her be4 but she was really into this thing's not crazy but maybe people will thinkit's impossible but i want it to be possible and my friends told me 2 believe in myself,n i gonna make it~and i fall in love with my fav country ones again!

ok prepare 2 hear it whoever read this~

they said it's kinda new thing for them to hear it but i was saying i want it so bad...
i want to change my life,i know i can't change the faith,but if i plan early and into it,plus my strong will to keep on going with my plan and my determenation to it,i'm sure,nothing is impossible...and i think it was possible!btw,of course,i'm going for korean language leason.

Sunday, May 30, 2010





owhkay,that's not a relief at all but u know i gotta fininsh that project no matter wat and where i am as long as i got a laptob,newspaper,internet!

hrmmmmm!my folio,i need to buy one,i know this root will make me like this,miserable condition coz of the tension around every form 6 student but honestly i don't wanna be a really moody-fierce person becoz' of tis things on my mind though i know i can be a lil bit crazy coz this matter!HELP ME!wat can i do to not stress myself out! i'm knida like in the mood of not stress for now coz'it's almost school break so it's cool...
but 1 of my friend were really stress out lately,,she was really in no mood that day,everyone was playing this card where who finish first kind of game but this game include a list,a list where u fill up ur name when u finish some of them kinda helpin,some of them kinda not that kindly to help us....well,i was doing well when i think back,i even happen to find out my last card was a girl's name TIM TIM..i thought it was a boy's name,i was asking all the boys but then i started to feel it's actually opposite and i was right bout it!i was thrilled!i finish and i'm not the last person in the room trying to find someone while my friend is the one in the last place be4 this one boy...she was stress-out so much,she tearing her cards into pieces..                             

I watch her and i have this knd of vision in my head i stress out of nowhere n' everyone was really stress 2!well,i am trying to not let those visions happen for every day of my life...!is there anyway i can relax n' feel calm

Friday, May 21, 2010

i think it's tyme defiying my studies,i think i try defiying books!

1st of all,i want u all 2 know,if u ever see me write again,i never write again after that

I never knew it was like this,i want to quit but i want to write more!!!!!!!

I need tyme for my own 2 but unfortunately this form 6 thing is not a piece of cake subject that u can just flip away and "owh right!i can do it 2morrow,besides i need 2 buy things,and that should do it" IT'S A NO!NO!NO!THEY TRY 2 MAKE ME WALKING BUT I SAY NO!NO!NO!
It was like really tough decision 2 make,if u want shortest way,form 6 should be perfect for you,but u have to challenge urself into a new person,a new geek,a new lifestyle,a new challenger,a new attitude,a new discipline
,a new measurement of times u've been spending on books and other things,owhkay that's enough 2 tell but it also depends on u and how u gonna change,if u dun;t change in f6,u will lost ur way unless if u have Photostat memory!wow then u are fine in form 6..fuh!

so i guest i have no tyme 2 write so many bout myr self this year and 2 mention next year(the real thing)..And i'm telling you,i'm not going,u not gonna let me down(i will battle with STPM)!


                                                                 SPRIT OF FIGHTING!
                                                                                                                                                                                          NOW FIGHT TILL YOU REACH UP,FIGHT NASTY PARASITES IN UR BODY!

Monday, April 26, 2010

the mix of milo n' chocko was never we expected

we were really really i really mean it really dont expect 2 wake up n' the next thing is there is 2 kitten in pink cage meowing..!!!we were shouting n' saying it's c8,c8..all i can say that tyme is cute..this choko kitten held it's not hand but head towards my fingertips when i almost touch touch my heart..owh but miki is still remembered always...miki,mizz u...

they were really cute and lovely 2 look at..
milo voice more towards like tough sound
and chocko more towards like really sharp sound..hehe..!

                                            aww..they are adorable,aren't they!
                             o                    they sleep 4 the first tyme!
i was surprise by the way they sleeping today..heeh!
                                hehe..they are c8 and precious enough 2 be harsh on them
the train sleeping if milo and chocko!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i'm stupid i guest...he wants serious,i'm not!we just like met on fcebook..and for me it's only like not serious becoz i knew he will find other 2....and me too...
but 2 days ago,he drive me crazy..i wanted to end but he will think i'm bad person....
can't it just be like for fun??
so if we find other couple,we not that emosional..
i scared2 be emotional n at the same
i have no one to discuss with that day when he drive me crazy,i almost cry..i don't want it 2 be serious..
only this com will be like friends 2 me...
until blew out n tell him how hard my life is(in short form of coz)
n he said..he living like i'm living stop it...he knows it hard but he still wants me pay more attention..i know it's stupid but i can't be mean 2 him coz he also have one thing incommon with hard life i have..
but it tears me down when i started 2 pay attention on him,n he was like 'owhkay2x,u change blah2x'
wat was that??stupid!i already told him i'm kinda 0% about wat they called 'LOVE'
is that hard 2 understand??
i'm kinda rebellous...i don't have tyme to pay attention on him when i'm with my mum needs love from me it hard for him 2 understand....i don't want someone like that..this is why i don't want to be in love,they don't get dream boy in 1b..i still felt sparkle for him...i wish he was the one wif me

Sunday, April 18, 2010

i'm kinda "don't know what 2 do"

well,should i not accept n' should i accept coz i like the other in 1b..he's like the dream boy of mine but the other one,i scared i will onlyu make him a as a replacement 4 the guy in this right desicion??accept him??
what about the guy in 1b??be4 i even try to get his phone number i already give up on him and accept other//hrmm..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

gay much....

Brideshead revisited

-a story about forbiden love
this tymes it's's not because of both faily agaisnt it but the brothers of the girl,sebastian is a gay n he likes his best friend charles.......

so's a sad story although it's a lil bit story about normal guy and a gay and a starts with boring story but after the halfway then the gay guy started 2 show his emotions..the sad moment is the gay guy have a terrible lung disease which his lungs actually full with fluid/liquid n he can't walk in such long distance..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

thinking bout u,am i'm love wif someone i never talk 2///

~comparison are easily done once have a chacnce
~like the apple hanging from a tree
~i pick ripest one,i still got the seed
~u set me on,where do i grow??
i'm thinking bout him but i don't want to be over him,scared he brke my heart that already sealed by unhealed wound...

i want edgy or glam rock style..thinking bout it..                                                                          

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


i've made 3 painting for two days..well,simple one of course..hrmm

felt these painting might be something i can do when i'm bored..he3x

never thought i've come back 2 painting after all this tyme..

i used 2 draw or paint when i'm feeling down/bored

but it fade away as i goes 2 form 4...some people thinks feelings can't be show by the painting itself
but i think it can actually..either u sad,happy,or broken...

sad-dark colors
happy-light color
broken-dark color n mix of pettern(round,solid colors) 2 show the unfixable or broken

hehe i guest painting is common for some people 2 let their emotion out.........

                                 i love this smiley..hehe...they are cute,u can do lots different
                               smiley the pink one...but why is the pink is the bad one lol
                         doesn't it supposed to be red one..n the pink have teeth same as me..haha
                                         picasso painting! lol..while i was surfing for paintings
                                  in ggogle..i fell in love with this's picasso's painting
         this paintings looks very sharp and's simple and focus on this girl..n the color is very                                      attractive..picasso is very creative!

wish my hometown were snowing like this(below)...temperature is hot in here!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wish my old days were all laughter

well..we go to the park last 2 days and i wish i were a kid to play that

n suddenly when i editing this photos,i gonna remember my moment with this beloved in my heart

hehe...2 evryone : live life with sweet memories even if it's not long..even if it's just 5 minutes.........
to all those person in this picture : i love u all..thanks and thanks for the support u gave me
i hope we could meet again as u know after july..we are going to study in university
i know maybe sometymes we have rough tymes n i'm sorry 4 that
but i want to u to know..
i really love u all...
i was really greatful to have someone
who is supporting even if
it's hard sometymes...
i love my cousins..they are like my own sister
n  nicko..he should be the liltle brother but he's so tall!
lol..but it doesn't matter..i love them all....
they are the sweetest things i have in my life
no matter where i am,they are in my heart..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

raining,owh baby it's rainy day

bad connection!this is wat i hate!

i was enjoying my tyme with surf the internet!
but suddenly the connection becomes slower..ouffff!

owh..anyway..the drums sounds coming from my stomach is getting louder n i have to eat....

i get hungry faster afater the PLKN thing..

ermm...yummy isb't it?????

wish i could eat those right now..! special delivery

i add the chatbox

lol..but it's kinda funny..i just add it for a while..haha...bowing maw cri

i just this simple chatbox...hehe

Saturday, March 27, 2010


well,i read it while i was actually checking my yahoo mail..
and i saw this article '13 things your hairstylist won't tell you'
and it's all true...

it was hairstyleist will tell this 13 things 2 you when u are doing ur hair,when u explain what u want,
n after he done with our
1 out of this 13 things actually caught my attention coz it actually happens 2 me..
No.10:i actually told that hairstylist to cut like did last time but she cut it into thinest and boyish hairstylist i ever seen..i'm so mad and after 3 days ..i just go and perm and act don't know to my hairstyle..!huhue..i hope my hair grow back and my hair doesn't screwed up again after this...

1. I'm a beautician, not a magician. I can give you Gisele B√ľndchen's haircut, but I can't give you her face.

2. Come at least five minutes early. If you're running late, please call ahead. Show me some basic respect. This is a business, not fun and games.

3. Don't ask me to "squeeze" you in when I'm already booked. I'd be taking time and effort away from other clients. You wouldn't like being treated that way.

4. Hairdresser school does not teach about counter transference, projection, negative reinforcement, or personality disorders. If you're looking for a therapist, all I have is a tail comb and an opinion.

Think be4 go to salon..the hairstylist might be saying yes2x and yes but she will be maybe if u have the picture of hairstyle u want..u can cut it and show 2 the hairstylist..ohoho..or maybe u have the pic of ur old hair that u want cut it again just like that..bring the photo!hehe


well,i read it while i was actually checking my yahoo mail..
and i saw this article '13 things your hairstylist won't tell you'
and it's all true...

it was hairstyleist will tell this 13 things 2 you when u are doing ur hair,when u explain what u want,
n after he done with our
1 out of this 13 things actually caught my attention coz it actually happens 2 me..
No.10:i actually told that hairstylist to cut like did last time but she cut it into thinest and boyish hairstylist i ever seen..i'm so mad and after 3 days ..i just go and perm and act don't know to my hairstyle..!huhue..i hope my hair grow back and my hair doesn't screwed up again after this...

1. I'm a beautician, not a magician. I can give you Gisele B√ľndchen's haircut, but I can't give you her face.

2. Come at least five minutes early. If you're running late, please call ahead. Show me some basic respect. This is a business, not fun and games.

3. Don't ask me to "squeeze" you in when I'm already booked. I'd be taking time and effort away from other clients. You wouldn't like being treated that way.

4. Hairdresser school does not teach about counter transference, projection, negative reinforcement, or personality disorders. If you're looking for a therapist, all I have is a tail comb and an opinion.

Think be4 go to salon..the hairstylist might be saying yes2x and yes but she will be maybe if u have the picture of hairstyle u want..u can cut it and show 2 the hairstylist..ohoho..or maybe u have the pic of ur old hair that u want cut it again just like that..bring the photo!hehe


Thursday, March 25, 2010

gyahahahahaah!kittys!i'm crazy

i don't read ila's blog yesterday so take a look 2day..and she added new post...and it really a great i mean totally and i really mean TOTALLY TERRIFIC NEWS!

i could have scream when i read it but luckly my mum is sleeping..if she's not here...i might as well open the front door and shout ila has brought new cats!!!!

i name it blacku
but then i remember i haven't know the gender yet...!

i try to think of better name although i just suddenly thought of its name

sounds like japanese name(blacku)
and hikushi
all that pops out inmy head is japan's name.. i watching 2 much much of japan's anime???

and korean 2
ku min hi,ki min ju,hi yeo ku it pops out of my head suddenly...wat's wrong with me??

mexican 2
ferhikudo,marhita, long as i don't name it 'um'....

Monday, March 22, 2010


Future...u will never know about future..

there's intake in april but i'm really confused with wat i want to take when i'm in uni....

engineer,mass com(my mum said it's fun but the paid is not really u can enjoy with),hrmm,interpriners n' french cise(maybe the spelling is wrong)

and there's one thing while i busy trying 2 which one i want or good 4 me
the clock is ticking,the time is not gonna wait wait 4 me.....
i don't apply apply 4 march....but how april??may???july???
if it's 2 soon..could i take it or maybe it's too l8..
some of the universitys have the intakes on may
some of them only have on april/july
or march/july....

i hope i could decide faster or i have to enter form 6/finish form 6.......
i want stairght 2 uni but my mum say it's better if i wait while i take form 6

i don't know if it's better idea....hrmm...what u guys think???

i mizz everyone i know..leaving my country behind 2 achieve 2 better living style/my dreams..
can i survive in another country without knowing anyone.....
this path leads me 2 where i will grow become wat i supposed 2 be...
n i wonder if i can live better than today
i hope wat i learn can be used when i find jobs which can support me n family
this path will teach 2 live without 'rents
wether it's's's's challenging......fall 2 the ground
stand up back.....
can i break through........
i was hoping i can find a way out of troubles when i get there...

i want 2 study 2 london coz i have relative there but the living cost must be high...
so i cancelled that plan.........

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I OPENED UP ABOUT MY LOVE LIFE..btw maybe who read this think i'm stupid n crazy

it's a no fairytales
maybe who read think i'm stupid
or think love life is a secret
but i'm bored of keeping it
keeping it away from my mom and dad.....
i do have feelings but it's not that strong feeling towards love....
maybe i'm stupid,maybe it's stupid.

at was just a playgame 4 me
i took someone n dump him
becoz i don't feel like i want to be in loved
but i've broken up 2....
i see my mum with her bf(she's divorce)
she's is broken up...she needs fix
and it's so sad when she tell..
iqa,don't be in loved,,mens are useless,they just hurts
the girls out there..u see wat happens
2 me...but don't she think..i'm growing up..i have feelings like
other people 2....sometymes when i'm in loved i think bout her,
she must be broken up if she knew i was in loved so i just shut my love life
just like that
and be4 i knew it...all the love is turns 2 ashes no matter who i in love with
if he likes me then he don't like me..i just shut it off,,if don't like the person,i shut it off
if i like the person...i just shut it off coz i know he loves someone else..
so i'm like a robot when it comes 2 love,i hurt and the memory just slip away..and i replace it with anotherr memory of me n my family..
keep going on......

i never felt love in my's not that i ever hurt or wat
but it's naturally comes and suddenly the sparkle of love is gone
i don't know if i've been bad girl or wat..
but maybe god trying 2 not let me in loved coz if i'm in
maybe i'll be the broken hearted girl....
once i felt it and the scars are still there....

 don't know if i'm a stupid girl..all
i know is my love life is complicated
and when i'm in love,nothing goods came from it...

so wat is love???
maybe 2 those who in loved thinks love is sweet
but 2 me it brings bitterness,sometymes sweetness,confussion,tears and colours...

i'm not good in this love maze but i'm just always the girl who felt in love but i just
give up my love......tell ne why???ain't nothing but a heartache.....

love always bring me bad tymes so far
and when touch the love,it leave me
alone darkness keep coming but it always end
with thebroken glass

i seek my own self ,i try 2 figure wat is left
when i see wat left 4 me,i step out of
love.....i just so fed thinking be in loved
it's like freedom i searching for

it's hard for me to not care about it
i keep this secret form my 'rents
it's 2 hard when ur 'rents think u are
a little who is clean,who
is never be in loved,who is never have feeling towards

owh!my world is crashing down on me
please save me n take me away from this
situation owh god..
people think i'm stupid,people talk 2 me
i know nothing about love..tha's why i always
broken up by my love

i see this shadows of me,it walks alone with it's head down..
maybe i'm stupid,maybe i'm not ready 2 be in love
17 is hard 4 me..secret all in me
try break 2 free from myself..
all i can i do is watching
i'm sick of all my llife
owh god..please save me

no,i don't want another emotional breakdown

p/s:BTW..i'm not gonna kill myself becoz of love..
      i appreciate my life that is been given 2 me...

Saturday, March 13, 2010


how u feel 2wards me??
was it hate or different??
are u sure wat u feel??
u give 2 anybody

this heart bleeding when
the words came out of your mouth
is this a game where
involve a girl's heart

ashamed coz thinking u are the person
another story came up..
can i stop this feeling or should in flow like water and
never come back......

i started 2 feel comfortable
when we chat 2gether...
but it's all dream..i wake up
2 see wat is fall apart get back 2 pieces
when almost night but
it is at it's weakest point
2 get back 2 pieces...

can i walk n' live the way i want 2
when i live in confussion...
should i settle this once n for all
or this matter stuck in my head
but keep my life going ont??

it's your choice...
can i make my choices so fast but
i do know you can make the choices
u can do more fast 2 choose what u have 2
shall u feel sorry,regret,disgusted,or akward..

maybe this shell is not strong enough
it one ever really understood it's feeling very well
so it's makes a new it happen all years
so it makes new shells every year..
could it still hold on....
no one could bear 2 suffers every year becoz of problems they have

sometymes crazy people are the best
of all.....but i'm not until crazy limits
could u break away by confussion??
the answers where evryone will know...

so how much this gonna takes form's a lot...the tension is in the air
we draw sumthing where the visions are clear
at last some people regret it,some people confuse,some people
love it,some people just make it positive..some people are
forced to remember or forget it...

answer is wat we looking for every day of our life...

should i keep this short memory in ur head or leave it.....

this short would u described it??

in the end,i just smile and hoping 4 the best while hearts are bleeding
could i make up the pieces and make it clear without red marks
could i break away,
i torn inside but i just make my self harder
can't u see this bleeds and dying
hopes n wishes mix and i'm scared,
i'm alone,i'm in dark...don't u no one
could have see it ...i just harden myself..this red marks everywhere
i just make it invisible...
i smile,my hearts happy,sad but wat could i's not gonna come back
n leaving me in confussion....

Friday, March 12, 2010

LOL..Interview oleh mizz aqilah..model nya iqa..kunu...

Sponser by:own our own..
make-up:ila n me

everything was sponser by own our there no spending budget!hehe!

So Iqa! You're back! How're you feeling?
HAPPY OF COURSE AND's good to sleep in your own bed and see all the faces that u know and recognize like my mum and cousins,my friends and the cats of course.

Eh! Jap! Ko pun sedang makan ice-cream?
Eh EH!sma lgi 2 perisa kita...Kaw curi ice-cream 2 dri akue???nie nda blh jdi nie..perang ice-cream!
ui sot! mumy aku yg beli ne!
huh?!kaw ingat akue pecaya..kembalikan kudrat kue!

Ha? Apa tu kudrat?? @_@
kenapa kaw tanya akue??akue puwn nda taw...!
Ish! Ko ne! Bha sambung balik interview!
ai..sejuknya...bilik interview kono sejuk...hehe....

What do you think about PLKN and Negeri Sembilan??
Well,i think PLKN is great for making ourselves independent..teach us about our own decision,how u tolerate with others,it's more towards choosing your own life n teach you to be an independent person and always be honest. Negeri Sembilan is actually a some a sort of village, or suburb, not a town and most of their home is still the same as in the Zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka.. Most of them really have deep information about their religion..You can say they are religious people. It's not really hot outside my camp but sometimes the hotness is like biting u all over.

Wah, panjangnya jawapan! Sebentar ya saudari, saya pergi cuci gelas dahulu.
bha,saya setia menunggu di kerusi biru ini....

Itu adalah kerusi putih!
owh...nampaknya,saya gagal utk mengambil test driving lesson kalau begini...mengapa begini??adakah begini??

Begitulah~ (Indonesian accent) Baiklah! Mari kita teruskan. Ada tempat-tempat menarik di sana yang sempat anda kunjungi?
ada jga ya...guwe rasa tempat itu adalah tempat orang OKU ya...emangnya kasihan skali mereka... kebanyakannya nggak da ibu / bapa...nama tempat itu kalo guwe ngga silap PEMULIHAN DALAM KOMUNITI....ehehe.... selain itu,ada jga tempat2x yg menarik....seperti planetrium.tempat itu khasnya utk menonton animated 3D..banyak senario pendek yang dipaparkan tetapi dapat menarik minat kami semua...first,di skrin dipaparkan 3D..kemudian..kami disuruh mendongakkan kepala atau baring untuk menonton animasi 3D yang membuatkan kita berasa seperti travelling di angkasa..punya syiok...macam dongo kami tinguk atas 2...!hehe

Sounds fun! So did you make any new friends?

yes i did, apparently.There is one girl I'm very close with(semenanjung girl). Her name is Sumayyah. Dhe's the one who approach me in class for the first time. She just suddenly laughed and said to me "Hey! Join my group~". I didn't want to group with them. I was scared and she laughed again. I started to think, You don't know me. And nana,zurin,nisha,DK,jasmine..and lots of them..rozy,magert,kitty, many i guess...

That's good. And, um, any cute guys?? Hehehe
owh..why why why? Of all questions! Um..hi,um(dlm alice in wonderland)red queen big head! cut of their head!!(if she angry,all of her face become red) for me,there is none..all of them have nice hair hair at the first but after they shaved their hair off..OMG,they look simple...and the Einstein head that move up and, nope..none at all....

Ish! Jangan ko tipu bha!
astagay,cat mka kaw pakai warna merah..biar kaw jadi ratu merah...

Ko ne, bagus2 Red Queen tu si Aiyn! Again, jan ko tipu bha~~~~ hehehe
ai..bukan kaw kah 2 eh salah ya aiyn 2..kaw yang dragon 2 yg pandai kembang kempis kepala dya.....aiyn red queen,ila dragon,akue sie hatter maw jdi white queen,maw buka pintu puwn pusing2x,...

Hatter ta*k ko! Napa ko x jawab tu?? Ketara la menipu~~~ hahahhaha
aitz na..malas akue maw jawab..terserah lah apa yang semue fikir...aiman(aiqa) tak kesa...hmmm...biarlah rahsia.....i takde sesiape...haha..betul puwn ejaan nye..

Sukehati awak la, Sapika. Hehe Don't you miss your friends and PLKN?
haha,watever le lal*t(loghat KL) definitely i do but I sure don't wanna get there for the second time.. :p.... I do miss my friends but nevermind..I'll fly to KL to meet them(like i got that much money) [laughs]

I see. So, your body are slightly toned, now. Do you love your new bod?
Ooh la la..I love it...It is definitely my dream to make my body toned but now I almost get what I want, the first stage to the second stage,hey hey!i'm not fat albert!

Your new bod sure is nice! Last but not least, any words for people who are about to attend the next series of PLKN??
owh..i'm gonna tell them strong and don't make anything that would make yourself go into the flame! But i gotta tell u something,PLKN is really fun and u can make a difference from there..Remember, you'll be accompanied by a very beautiful tough lady....[laughs]

Right! Okay then! Thanks for being with us (which means me and the laptop) today.
My pleasure !!!thanks 4 inviting me and my wrist band to your house(can we call it house)..[Laughs] See u next time!

See you! Bha! Sana kau!
ah teda!akue di bangku!akue dengar tue...!

Ish! Sana dulu! Nanti baru ko tinguk hasilnya. Jeng3!
ah!nasib akue maw pi tandas juga.~ehem,merah muka~

Tyme lum apa2x laie..bju  besa..mekap puwn light...Be4 make-up


Wednesday, March 10, 2010




i lost my curl there..half of hair is sort of straight n half is curl...i hope my hair straight back as soon as possible..going to re-do my hair or straight it......

look at thesee stars..they have perfect hair
miley,taylor swift,hillary duff,selena,taylor momsen,taylor orianthi...

CAn U See ThOsE HaIr WaS So PrEtTy!..huhue!
i wish i don't cut my hair be4 going 4 PLKN...maybe aliltle but owh my god..that
girl has destroty my hair n in the end i have 2 curl my hair even if it's damege n my curl is destroy already..

i thinking of going out but my condition wouldn't let me go i'm just gonna sit in my house until it's getting better and better..fuhhh!!!now i have 2 go..going 2 take my SPM results....

i hipe my skin back 2 normal ASAP!


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