Friday, August 13, 2010

so fun yet so tired..puasa~~

anybody notice something about my blog??is it getting weird???or scary???
i let u think


well,actually i haven't upload my blog for almost 2 months...and i suddenly remember bout this thing today
i don't have energy right now,i feel sleepy n really tired plus i'm really thirsty but it's all temptation...nevermind.....only 26 days left...i can do tis.....~~~
owh..i i could take pix right now n show u how sleepy i am...u will not believe....

godnesss~i felt asleep a few seconds..gee~i wonder how i look~~~
is my mouth open suddenly or my face stay as usual~~~~

lol~~i think i should drink water..i feel very sleepy u know~~~~~
and my stomach is starting 2 feel the emptyness~~~please fasten the time this puasa month~~~


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