Thursday, March 25, 2010

gyahahahahaah!kittys!i'm crazy

i don't read ila's blog yesterday so take a look 2day..and she added new post...and it really a great i mean totally and i really mean TOTALLY TERRIFIC NEWS!

i could have scream when i read it but luckly my mum is sleeping..if she's not here...i might as well open the front door and shout ila has brought new cats!!!!

i name it blacku
but then i remember i haven't know the gender yet...!

i try to think of better name although i just suddenly thought of its name

sounds like japanese name(blacku)
and hikushi
all that pops out inmy head is japan's name.. i watching 2 much much of japan's anime???

and korean 2
ku min hi,ki min ju,hi yeo ku it pops out of my head suddenly...wat's wrong with me??

mexican 2
ferhikudo,marhita, long as i don't name it 'um'....



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