Saturday, September 26, 2009

sandakan...i mizzz uu!

2 days ago.i just got back from sandakan....

at last i could go back to sndakan after 3 months i've spending my HARI RAYA tyme in K.K
it's very delighting to see my aunts faces afetr a long tyme...
they all were very happy to see the faces of all the family members...
especially faces from K.K town,nenek was very happy to see us all getting along even after a very long long tyme we don't see each other and of course that's gonna be akward like u just meet them 4 da 1st tyme but thanks to allah,it doesn't,we just get along together!n my cousin is married but he still get along wif us,well not 2 mention,he still got the heart of teenager...!so,everybody just like stared to get along,the mans wif mans but there is 1 boy,age 15...get along wif gals(me n my cousin) but i don't care at all becoz we use to play wif back when we were kids n i'm very happy we still get along like old tymes!(except the change fashion is in everyone)

the cats is cute,and i gotta tell u guys n gals,they have a lots lots of cats...n 4 kittens...2 cats were black n white,3 cats n 1 kitten were white n very dark green+black spots,3 blu tiga,3 strips,4 cats n 2 kittens white n yellowish-orange strips n spots(the color is hard to explain),as far as i remember,thatss all n other is gone....huhu :(

any way,it was fun and we get to spend tyme wif all the family members...
pixs will be uploaded on next week...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

cute & big rooms!

wish my room were one of those rooms..... someday when i have my own room..if i ever gonna make is on the top of my choices....and white white...simple,soft color and comfort is all i need,not to labtop(the small one).. :3

boring but thinking something pink or cute or relaxing things

ah....white.....thinking bout's very flattering...and soft color

Show all when they turn 16,they gonna wear dresses that is fluffy,pink
like the pixs i upload....this was spain tradisions
(if i'm not mistaken)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


1.excel is killing me

2.i got a feeling that my results is going to be horrible than be4! x0

3.i have to retake the math exam becoz on monday i was having a very suxx day!
having muscles cramp in my stomach + gastric...

4.everybody have tips on their own but somehow their tips is hopeless! test is's maybe my own fault..well...i was concentrating on wat i do
but i don't realize the clock was ticking....when it was the last part,i don't know
but i think it's stupid,i was actually looking everybody is writting so decided to
wait for another like 10 mins then wrote back again..unfortunately,the time left
after i waiting for like 15 mins is 15 MINS,i thought i still have an hour to do
when i decided to wait another 15 mins but apparently i only left 30 MINS..
WEAR A WATCH............!owh....wish could turn the clock back but no thanks!

6.wish it wasn't that hard or at least some of the tips came out in excel....


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