Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i'm stupid i guest...he wants serious,i'm not!we just like met on fcebook..and for me it's only like not serious becoz i knew he will find other 2....and me too...
but 2 days ago,he drive me crazy..i wanted to end but he will think i'm bad person....
can't it just be like for fun??
so if we find other couple,we not that emosional..
i scared2 be emotional n at the same
i have no one to discuss with that day when he drive me crazy,i almost cry..i don't want it 2 be serious..
only this com will be like friends 2 me...
until blew out n tell him how hard my life is(in short form of coz)
n he said..he living like i'm living stop it...he knows it hard but he still wants me pay more attention..i know it's stupid but i can't be mean 2 him coz he also have one thing incommon with hard life i have..
but it tears me down when i started 2 pay attention on him,n he was like 'owhkay2x,u change blah2x'
wat was that??stupid!i already told him i'm kinda 0% about wat they called 'LOVE'
is that hard 2 understand??
i'm kinda rebellous...i don't have tyme to pay attention on him when i'm with my mum needs love from me it hard for him 2 understand....i don't want someone like that..this is why i don't want to be in love,they don't get dream boy in 1b..i still felt sparkle for him...i wish he was the one wif me



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