Friday, July 23, 2010

i hope

i hope i can achieve my dream
i need it to come true
i need to know the answer
i need to seek that person
i need to change my life
i need my heart to become one again
i need it to be calm and
seek him....
i need to know if he remember me...
my friend told me he remember but love
can happen in many ways
i know he may be in love right now with someone
but can anybody stop this feeling from coming to u
no,u can't
and it doesn't matter if u are a boy or girl
it still comes unexpectedly
i want to be in my fav country even
if something goes wrong
i was wondering the necklace i gave 2 u..can
u recognize me when i grow up??
will u remember me..
i hope u do remember me...
i just need to know the answer
even if the result is good/bad...
then,i'll be ok...
i hope u remember me
i hope i can ask for ur help when
i'm already reach my goal~
do u remember me,do u wear tat necklace??
i hope u do~


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