Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wish my old days were all laughter

well..we go to the park last 2 days and i wish i were a kid to play that

n suddenly when i editing this photos,i gonna remember my moment with this beloved in my heart

hehe...2 evryone : live life with sweet memories even if it's not long..even if it's just 5 minutes.........
to all those person in this picture : i love u all..thanks and thanks for the support u gave me
i hope we could meet again as u know after july..we are going to study in university
i know maybe sometymes we have rough tymes n i'm sorry 4 that
but i want to u to know..
i really love u all...
i was really greatful to have someone
who is supporting even if
it's hard sometymes...
i love my cousins..they are like my own sister
n  nicko..he should be the liltle brother but he's so tall!
lol..but it doesn't matter..i love them all....
they are the sweetest things i have in my life
no matter where i am,they are in my heart..


PiNkAPuNk.RoXy.XoXo said...

i love them all
spread ur love not just to ur friends/bf/gf..spread ur love to familys


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