Monday, April 26, 2010

the mix of milo n' chocko was never we expected

we were really really i really mean it really dont expect 2 wake up n' the next thing is there is 2 kitten in pink cage meowing..!!!we were shouting n' saying it's c8,c8..all i can say that tyme is cute..this choko kitten held it's not hand but head towards my fingertips when i almost touch touch my heart..owh but miki is still remembered always...miki,mizz u...

they were really cute and lovely 2 look at..
milo voice more towards like tough sound
and chocko more towards like really sharp sound..hehe..!

                                            aww..they are adorable,aren't they!
                             o                    they sleep 4 the first tyme!
i was surprise by the way they sleeping today..heeh!
                                hehe..they are c8 and precious enough 2 be harsh on them
the train sleeping if milo and chocko!



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