Sunday, December 27, 2009

nowyn mulan!

MULAN:hey!wat are u searching nowy!i wanna search 2
NOWY:i'm not searching..i'm trying to cover my poo with sand of course...!
MULAN:WHAT!the poo is not there!Baka~!

MULAN:come on...i'll show u where the poop is!come nowy!
NOWY:wait!okay maybe it's here...coz i smell sumthing..well,almost like the poop!it must be here!owh..there's a food also!food and poop!better eat while the food still fresh!hoho!
MULAN:owh again


NOWY:hrmmmm...the smeel...but where is the poop!

NOWY:find it2x!owh no....must fight my eating appetiate

NOwy:owh poop here!i better eat the food later...going 4 walk first

Morning days...

....i was really sleepy...n suddenly i woke up ...
guest wat??the frist thing is the toilet came cross my mind...well
maybe it sounds weird i tell this in my i just wanna post this morning
nothing to do wif anything
but i was actually reading USAMI MAKI-ROMANTIS BAS DI MUSIM BUNGA
so i really reallly feel that story is so not gonna happen in reality and i was like babbling 2 myself n keep on reading until the story is finish..and after that i realize i was actually in toilet....! it the comic makes us forget where we are???

after that...i go 2 sleep again..sleep and sleep ....woke up...i see the clock ..still early 9 i read the comic...KIM SEO HYUNG-BUAH ......

anyway...that is morning
tda2x juwa nie bhaw!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


well,apparently this holiday..... i spend my tyme on computer surfing the internet n
play games on my!
the PLKN thing is very upsetting me.....i really happy if i could find any part-tyme job after SPM over but
when i knew that i have wrapped all my things up and bring it fly with really break my heart...
hopefully i don't get sick while i'm there and of course

anyway,these holiday i spend my tyme on surfing internet..checking n reply all comments from my friend/someone who just add me in facebook....hrmm..playing glamour age,fashion wars, n sorority life..
well,i'm addicted 2 the games......

hrmmm...i also find themes n games for my mobile phone sothat i don't get bored when i'm in PLKN....hopefully the game i download from laptob gonna last longer like u know...i can play all sort of games in my phone while i'm there.......

err...watching DVD.....well...i thinking 2 have fun while i have tyme be4 going 2 PLKN...

hmmm....i planning 2 buy things also 4 the PLKN like sunblock.. :3 ermm wat else.....lotion,face wash..
it's for protecting me from the least for the whole 3 month/2 month and a half.....

whitening my teeth.. it's hard 2 get myself a proper care while i have 2 eat 6 tymes in 1day
+ get myself under the sun and sweats a lot,that's not gonna be fun...if i can do something stupid while in there...i'm gonna cry every night or shout(tuck my face 2 pillow) every night.....and probably escape from there but unfortunately..if i escape,situation gonna be tough on me......

I treat myself for a new handbags n purse that i thought 2 tymes be4 buying...luckly the price reasonable...
n taking my driving lesson..but i can only take until 3rd stage then after the PLKN is over then i go to the 4th
i still in contact wif some of my friends dow. :)
lol....and i i'm really appreciate 2 those friends who have support me and remember me even after school
is over......... :) n trully miss my old friend,Salina..n i'm gonna miss my family when i'm in PLKN...huhu!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

B-day BLAST!

okay yesterday is my B-day!
and i'm so happy that i celebrate in 1b and my dad,aunt irene,mu cuzzie n ain!i invited
april but she can't come coz i sent the message when her dad already took off!SORRY EPAL!
but i promise her 4 next tyme,we'll gonna have a blast together wif my cuzzie n ain..!
we didn't have a chance 4 taking pic coz all we thinking is bout fun,fun,and fun!

1st place we go is pizza hut:
my dad,aunt irene,cuzzies n ain..most importantly the B-day girl..hehe :P

we having the set meal 6 + cheese rice
set meal 6:1 large pizza n 1 regular pizza
6 drinks(cola)...6 mushroom soups
cheese rice:1 drink(cola),1 mushroom soup
1 bowl of cheese rice

we were having fun aunt irene told us bout her contactlenses..
we were all like never seen contactlenses be4 when she showing her eyes to us..when she open her eyes widely..we were all said this words repeatedly .."ada,ada,ya ada,ada"
then there's one part when my dad said after we eat,laugh and share so we just burst into laugh....
be4 that we saying okay bha mari laugh..and we just laugh!
haha!everybody's looking at us coz we suddenly burst into laugh..well,it's still fun!

2nd place 2 go:
movie of course...
we watch zombieland,it's hillarious and the funny part is..there's a couple beside us so i think they choose the seats coz they thought there's no one gonna take the seats...apparently they wrong..they have the extra 4 audience beside them which is us and we kinda just burst into laugh when funny part came..they kinda distract n we trying not 2 distract them so we squeeze in 3 seats(we rise up the thing at seats where we put the drinks) haha!..stupid thing but fun................!we have so much fun a blast day so they will u know have a priv8 talk or sumthing...

3nd place 2 go:
here's my motto when playing it.....we don't have 2 get high marks among all our friends,we not profesional,n if we or our friend got high marks of all,it's her luck or she good at it but there's no point 2 let urself down wif's like so fun..maybe imagine someone u h8 then throw the ball..when just hit not in the centre,just cheer up like us 4...when u strike,hug ur girls,it's meaningful....u will cheerish the moment!have fun not compete!dun blame urself when u got low point..that's gonna sucks!any way..i just having laughter while playing it same as ila,ain and ifa...we cheerish the moment....

and those ila and ain such sneaky..when i and ifa got back from the toilet,wee see our name been mix by our ex...haha..very funny ila n ain...i and ifa just dropped our mouth and start 2 why u two...n i ask ain why..ainn said ila..and ila said ain agreed and i was like owh u two!..both of u are wrong!..same as ifa..haha...ifa like wat..why...!ila bha!kmu nie!
napa...just wait haha!

anyway,we playing great!fun and the score,i'm not looking 2 much bout the score..i just want to play!

ain  buy,ila n ifa buy.....i'm not
i'm thinking other place like d&m.

5th place:
d&m..i'm buying bags n cloth...i saw this bag when i just looking at bags in d&m,then ifa ask my opinion on the bags in the store which is opposite the d&m store...i give her opinion and i ask her opinion on the bag i she said it's beautiful but the problem is we both love that bag......but i thinking if there's another bag that i like so i just buy the other,and i found it!there's mashimaro hannging on the bag but another problem is ifa likes that bag 2..that means both of us like the other i made the suggestion on how bout i pay 4 the both bags so ifa pay me later..but we share the maybe it's fair i guest.....

6th place:home...
fuh!!!!so tired!!!!!!!!!!!

1 tragedy happen:ain gone missing...we forgot ain's hp out of bat so we decide 2 go 2 other shop and after that,we call her but :P when ila said ain's bat out bat..we start looking 4 her..i and ifa stops at d&m ......hehe...but ain totally worries...ain bhaw 2..go ain2x!..haha!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


wat can  i do???
i'm a girl
and i'm not purrfect anyway...
no one is puurrfect
sometimes the mistakes comes right 2 u.....

when u do something suddenly
it became ur mistakes or
the situation seems like wanna blame u all the tyme
Every human being have feel wat i feel
wat can u do except do something or just wait 4 things 2 settle down....

And somehow other things doesn't settle down as u wish...
if u can do something without every situation judge u 2 be the wrong one always
that will make ur life easier...
Wat do u feel when u live in such situation where the condition
thinks u are the blame 4 all u have done in just 1 minute be4....

And u expect everyone to believe ur not mean that way..
but they don't....why u don't feel sorry 4 urself ..just being happy
but others feel sorry 4 themself 4 wat they conclude wat u have done is their biggest and awful memory
and they don't realize people still support themand keep blaming u...
so wat is fair in life then???

They think that's not fair....
so they want others not to be fair...
if that's wat they the end...they will crush....
maybe both or them.....
they pretend bt they blaming u ..
some people get over it but some people just don't want to let go even if they move foward....
and the others already move foward even if they actually just except somewhere somehow maybe they have gone into wrong path...........
this world never ends wif human blame human
human hurting human
human makes mistakes until the world is no loger be seen in space.....

they keep pretending,going on with ancious feel,dignity gone,anger,lonely,sadness,blaming..
and then all humans start 2 pretends everything...


i have 2 say i'm very addicted 2 com... :p
can't stop playing it....

study but i stopped when i accidently just turn on the computer and play with it...
bad's attracting me...

My mum told me she gonna sent me 2 take my driving lessons
After all done then she'll look 4 medium-size car 4 me so i don't feel pressures when i ride it on real road... :D
Smart myself request 4 medium-size car coz i think i could drive in comfort if i start with small car...

labtop: well,not so soon...maybe be4 i go uni so maybe i have 2 wait  for a couple moths 2 get it,i trust my mum she'll buy it even if she doesn't mentioned about it coz she says it important 4 me 2 have laptob... so i can handle the assignments(uni thing) and in contact with her(i have cell phone..i could contact her wif that..owh god,she always sees me like a little girl,couldn't blame her anyway)...hehe...... :3

Sunday, October 25, 2009


i wanna i wanna i wanna
I.Black skinny jean(black but jean materials)
II.crumpled skinny jean(blue/purple/black/)
1 and 2 almost the same...maybe i wouldn't buy no.1 if i found no.2 in black color of course
or if i found no.1 and i don't have to buy black color.......aha...yup..that's my mission 4 this month
III.cloth(maybe it's gonna be next month focus)
it's so hard 2 choose between jeans n cloth
VI.New bag please(i think i'm gonna focus it on the next moth 2... vest

i have 2 use my own money and that's really hard becoz i'm still a student
so grateful if u get ur fave cloths from ur parents

The Peter Conelly Story

This story is really heart breaking.....

Baby P was really adorable but the one who supposed to take care of Baby P is part of the crime.....
I really hope humans know they responsibility towards the one they love
except if they commit crime on you,u should let them be punish so they realize they are hurting u...

Baby P was tortured every single day by his stepfather....until his last breath in hospital...That stepfather of Baby P acting really nasty towards his stepson.....even animals can take care of their of their own family....
Even bears knows how to protect it's child...or the crocodile or snake.......

I watch this video on facebook:

isn't he is adorable......but however he just live only 4 1 year because of being tortured.....

"What the doctor doesn't know was Peter had broken ribs and broken back pralysing hin from the waist down"
"the broken back occured when Peter's stepfather was playing wif him,then a loud crack was heard throughout the house.Peter then let out a gut wrenching scream"
"His stepfather has snapped his spine into two"
"The last picture of Peter should be taken wif happy face but instead a scared child whose face has been smeared wif chocolate to hide his injuries"
"August 3rd 2007...Peter was crying in his cot becoz he had been in urine and feces for days"
"his stepfather came in and said "I'll sort it" He went into the room and slammed the door shut Then Peter went silent"
"Peter was punched hard until he swallowed his bottom teeth..It later found in his stomach"
"11.35 am,Peter's mother called ambulance..Peter was founded in blood splattered cot"
"Peter was taken to hospital but he had already gone to heaven"
"Peter had bleeding on his spine for 48 hours old"
"He had blackened fingers and toenails"
"One finger was missing a nail n the skin had been stripped"
"he had broken ribs that is 1-2 weeks old,skin was missing from the top of his tongue and lips caused by blow.The skin between his upper lips n gum was torn an his tooth has  been knocked out"
"All of Peter's cloth were found wif blood on them'
"Peter's mother,stepfather and a second man that was living in the house of Jason Owen were arrested  for Peter's murdered"
"It is believed that Peter's stepfather had filmed his tortured of Peter on cell phones which he buried in Epping Forest,East London"


Actually,i heard it last 2 weeks from my was a very shocking news...
She also told me that Agnes Monica has been locked in her own room and every single day,she was raped by her bodyguards and dancers...but the she manage to get herself away.....poor her!!!!!!!!
After she was found,she has been charged into mental hospital,it was really horrible,11 people raped was awful....i was really feel sorry 4 her,i hope she doesn't have to go through all of that again...

That's why she loses so much weight.......


I hope if this issue true the people who played part of the crime to Agnes will deserve bad punishment,it's about a women/girl dignity and life!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Evacuate the dance floor

:) Bulletproof By La Roux! :)

Been there, done that, messed around
I'm having fun, don't put me down
I'll never let you sweep me off my feet
I won't let you in again
The messages I've tried to send
My information's just not goin in
Burning bridges, shore to shore
I break away from something more
I'm not to, not to love until it's cheap
Been there, done that, messed around
I'm having fun, don't put me down
I'll never let you sweep me off my feet

This time baby
I'll be Bulletproof

I won't let you turn around,
I'll tell you now, I'm much too proud
To walk away from something when it's dead
Do do do your dirty worst
Come out to play when you are hurt
There's certain things that should be
Left unsaid
Tick tick tick tick on the watch
Life's too short for me to stop
Oh baby, your time is running out
I won't let you turn around
And tell me now, I'm much too proud
All you do is fill be up with doubt

This time baby
I'll be Bulletproof

This time, I'll be Bulletproof

This time baby
I'll be Bulletproof
This time baby, this time baby
This time baby, this time
This time baby, this time baby
My comment is:HER HAIR XP !!!i wish i can call
a new hairdresser 4 her,i would cry if i were in her shoes... 
anyway..her song was fun...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mum Go To Kinarut

She's going to be one of "prefect" that will be sent to watch the students while PMR is going on....


1. i staying at teacher's house now
2. i was actually can feel how to get  my own room XD

3. i'm so bad,mengintu internet teacher but only a while.. "_"
4. not sure if i can go back to my dad's place... :(

anyway,just update this only becoz she also using this com... :p

anyway,i want to just go off to somewhere where is relaxing like pulau sipadan or any beaches..huhu

i also want to shopping.. a bit...

i need lil fat...huhu :(

i want miracle happen to my complicated life

i want to meet my aunt and uncle in oxford shire,london...huhu... :(   miss them so much!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

As i  promise last week,i'm going 2 upload those pixs in sandakan....

  This syahmi...cute kn???we thought his name is sami at 1st becoz my dad told me that his is sami...ih,my dad nie,he likes 2 joke...this is kak wati's son ,that means he is belong 2 da one n only kak wati n her husband  
i feel kinda guilty becoz i forgot 2 slam her husband...i'm kinda hurry when i'm going back so he is actually standing outside the house but somehow i don't know why i didn't notice him....he must feels bad..maybe he asking2 himself,am i that invinsible...arghhh....!!!why i'm so blind???

These 2 is my cousin's son,the upper image(his name is danish),well my 1st impression,i think he is so adorable and white,white is becoz i look at my cuzzie n he is tan,his wife 2 but he is white n so cute!!!then,second impression is danish,kinda similiar 2 vanish,anyway,i just think he is cute
The lower image(his name is Daniel)chubby kn....anyway,his style is really rock..haha,his hair kinda spiky like hs dad one's,doesn't speak much,the 1st word he says in sandakan is "kenapa??" cute....n he says nothing again,maybe he shy,i thought he can't speak yet when he says nothing from day 2 night but i see his size no way he can't speak yet,and he can speak actually.. :3

this is santibon,actually i confuse wif their names becoz of their fur,one of those cats also have fur like that,but it's names is satiid....there's only one way 2 recognize them is their nose.....but i still confuse sometimes...huhu :(

santiid and santiga,that's santiid,see the differents between santibon,and santiga,the blu tiga....i feel strange becoz cats in kampung is more healthy thatn the city cat... :o

Kittens....i don't know their names but they never been out while i stay in sandakan..they were keep in cage,i think their parents is the blackwhite cat and kucil
This cat is cute,adorable and needs a good care also a human's love,he is really a good cat...unfortunately,it is blind on the left side of it's eye,it is also 'rabun' on the right side if it's eye....... :( but it's have strong wills,it plays wif the cats n still continue play even if it's knock on anything like people's leg,he accidently knock onto my feet while playing wif i think people who is blind out there should have wills just like this cat....

This is kucil,if i'm not mistaken,this is sampip's children...hehe...cute!..itis not blind or 'rabun'
it's healthy n strong,u see,this cat is grown up cat but still,it's very close to it's mother..ehe! :D 

This also kitten,there is another one,it's fur same as santibon's n santiid''s name is ying...!kinda chinese name ut it's fit...beside it is kucil....kucil woke up n shocked by other cat then jump to ying..haha,cute
 This is their cage but kinda big cage,the cat which is alone in it's cage(it's sleeping)'s name ia kasir,he is the most big head,it's head was really big but he is manja to us!ooouuuhhhh!i want 2 hold it again!
This is me and my dad,at last,my dad's face is revealed,when he first make his hair bold,it's really weird..but maybe he likes this looks,his past,he is a rocker,u can see he is still opt rock look ; D (he wears necklace n grow a mustache) even if he is no longer have hair on his shiny head ...hehe! :p

From left : Mak cik Rama ,My Rock dad ,My Granma(yeah,nenek is so cool : D),Me(pura2x ayu)

From left : Syahmi ,Kak niah ,Nenek
relationship between syahmi n kak Niah son and mother

Haha,this pix is taken our disipline teacher(in house) that is Mak Cik Ani,as u can see we are not ready when this pic was taken,n my mouth shows like i was disgusting of something,haha...adei!nenek looking at tv actually
This was da best pix and everyone approve it. Why?becoz we all look white and of course,our red spot seems to vanish under this bright sun...ohh,yes,i love it!fab!
The posse is OK!but the color of the faces is hrmmm......i'm look like one of those skeleton doll in stores right now...haha...

...............................THE  END.................................

Saturday, September 26, 2009

sandakan...i mizzz uu!

2 days ago.i just got back from sandakan....

at last i could go back to sndakan after 3 months i've spending my HARI RAYA tyme in K.K
it's very delighting to see my aunts faces afetr a long tyme...
they all were very happy to see the faces of all the family members...
especially faces from K.K town,nenek was very happy to see us all getting along even after a very long long tyme we don't see each other and of course that's gonna be akward like u just meet them 4 da 1st tyme but thanks to allah,it doesn't,we just get along together!n my cousin is married but he still get along wif us,well not 2 mention,he still got the heart of teenager...!so,everybody just like stared to get along,the mans wif mans but there is 1 boy,age 15...get along wif gals(me n my cousin) but i don't care at all becoz we use to play wif back when we were kids n i'm very happy we still get along like old tymes!(except the change fashion is in everyone)

the cats is cute,and i gotta tell u guys n gals,they have a lots lots of cats...n 4 kittens...2 cats were black n white,3 cats n 1 kitten were white n very dark green+black spots,3 blu tiga,3 strips,4 cats n 2 kittens white n yellowish-orange strips n spots(the color is hard to explain),as far as i remember,thatss all n other is gone....huhu :(

any way,it was fun and we get to spend tyme wif all the family members...
pixs will be uploaded on next week...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

cute & big rooms!

wish my room were one of those rooms..... someday when i have my own room..if i ever gonna make is on the top of my choices....and white white...simple,soft color and comfort is all i need,not to labtop(the small one).. :3

boring but thinking something pink or cute or relaxing things

ah....white.....thinking bout's very flattering...and soft color

Show all when they turn 16,they gonna wear dresses that is fluffy,pink
like the pixs i upload....this was spain tradisions
(if i'm not mistaken)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


1.excel is killing me

2.i got a feeling that my results is going to be horrible than be4! x0

3.i have to retake the math exam becoz on monday i was having a very suxx day!
having muscles cramp in my stomach + gastric...

4.everybody have tips on their own but somehow their tips is hopeless! test is's maybe my own fault..well...i was concentrating on wat i do
but i don't realize the clock was ticking....when it was the last part,i don't know
but i think it's stupid,i was actually looking everybody is writting so decided to
wait for another like 10 mins then wrote back again..unfortunately,the time left
after i waiting for like 15 mins is 15 MINS,i thought i still have an hour to do
when i decided to wait another 15 mins but apparently i only left 30 MINS..
WEAR A WATCH............!owh....wish could turn the clock back but no thanks!

6.wish it wasn't that hard or at least some of the tips came out in excel....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

my face

i want the aloevera skin wash...tired of hiding the the spots on my chin n oily skin...........
i need it..need it.....

i heard aloe is good,one of my friends have try it on n her skin is OK!
huhu :( :( :( but still i'm happy 4 her :)

anyway,i complain bout my face but i love my face except the oily part n the look like thin part...huhu :( ok...ok...find the solution!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

4 days ago....Tsunami

TSUNAMI or should i called it KILLER WAVE.....this is the issue that terrify all the parents 4 days ago....they were really hoping this will not happen to our peaceful land below the wind....
they were dying to know their children's safety all the time......

While some of the teenager also worried the fact that tsunami is going to wipe away Sabah,some of them just calm down n confront it only a rumor n some of them really happy even if the Tsunami is going to happen becoz wanna see how big the wave is(some group of lads in my school shout "hari nie Tsunami,Tsunami,Tsunami!!!wooohhh!") while recess time

Some of the students didn't came to school becoz they scared that Tsunami is going to hit our school, some of us just go to school as usual even if we know bout the issue(like me n my friends), some of them didn't even know about the Tsunami issue n some of them didn't becoz their parents don't let them....anyway,the whole school knows the issue after it spread out by teachers n fellow students

At the end of the day nothing happens,maybe it's true that it's just a rumor or "air pasang"(one of my chinese friends say that Tsunami is going to happen because of the "air pasang").....anyway,i'm glad that nothing happen to this peaceful land below the wind....


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