Friday, March 12, 2010

LOL..Interview oleh mizz aqilah..model nya iqa..kunu...

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So Iqa! You're back! How're you feeling?
HAPPY OF COURSE AND's good to sleep in your own bed and see all the faces that u know and recognize like my mum and cousins,my friends and the cats of course.

Eh! Jap! Ko pun sedang makan ice-cream?
Eh EH!sma lgi 2 perisa kita...Kaw curi ice-cream 2 dri akue???nie nda blh jdi nie..perang ice-cream!
ui sot! mumy aku yg beli ne!
huh?!kaw ingat akue pecaya..kembalikan kudrat kue!

Ha? Apa tu kudrat?? @_@
kenapa kaw tanya akue??akue puwn nda taw...!
Ish! Ko ne! Bha sambung balik interview!
ai..sejuknya...bilik interview kono sejuk...hehe....

What do you think about PLKN and Negeri Sembilan??
Well,i think PLKN is great for making ourselves independent..teach us about our own decision,how u tolerate with others,it's more towards choosing your own life n teach you to be an independent person and always be honest. Negeri Sembilan is actually a some a sort of village, or suburb, not a town and most of their home is still the same as in the Zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka.. Most of them really have deep information about their religion..You can say they are religious people. It's not really hot outside my camp but sometimes the hotness is like biting u all over.

Wah, panjangnya jawapan! Sebentar ya saudari, saya pergi cuci gelas dahulu.
bha,saya setia menunggu di kerusi biru ini....

Itu adalah kerusi putih!
owh...nampaknya,saya gagal utk mengambil test driving lesson kalau begini...mengapa begini??adakah begini??

Begitulah~ (Indonesian accent) Baiklah! Mari kita teruskan. Ada tempat-tempat menarik di sana yang sempat anda kunjungi?
ada jga ya...guwe rasa tempat itu adalah tempat orang OKU ya...emangnya kasihan skali mereka... kebanyakannya nggak da ibu / bapa...nama tempat itu kalo guwe ngga silap PEMULIHAN DALAM KOMUNITI....ehehe.... selain itu,ada jga tempat2x yg menarik....seperti planetrium.tempat itu khasnya utk menonton animated 3D..banyak senario pendek yang dipaparkan tetapi dapat menarik minat kami semua...first,di skrin dipaparkan 3D..kemudian..kami disuruh mendongakkan kepala atau baring untuk menonton animasi 3D yang membuatkan kita berasa seperti travelling di angkasa..punya syiok...macam dongo kami tinguk atas 2...!hehe

Sounds fun! So did you make any new friends?

yes i did, apparently.There is one girl I'm very close with(semenanjung girl). Her name is Sumayyah. Dhe's the one who approach me in class for the first time. She just suddenly laughed and said to me "Hey! Join my group~". I didn't want to group with them. I was scared and she laughed again. I started to think, You don't know me. And nana,zurin,nisha,DK,jasmine..and lots of them..rozy,magert,kitty, many i guess...

That's good. And, um, any cute guys?? Hehehe
owh..why why why? Of all questions! Um..hi,um(dlm alice in wonderland)red queen big head! cut of their head!!(if she angry,all of her face become red) for me,there is none..all of them have nice hair hair at the first but after they shaved their hair off..OMG,they look simple...and the Einstein head that move up and, nope..none at all....

Ish! Jangan ko tipu bha!
astagay,cat mka kaw pakai warna merah..biar kaw jadi ratu merah...

Ko ne, bagus2 Red Queen tu si Aiyn! Again, jan ko tipu bha~~~~ hehehe
ai..bukan kaw kah 2 eh salah ya aiyn 2..kaw yang dragon 2 yg pandai kembang kempis kepala dya.....aiyn red queen,ila dragon,akue sie hatter maw jdi white queen,maw buka pintu puwn pusing2x,...

Hatter ta*k ko! Napa ko x jawab tu?? Ketara la menipu~~~ hahahhaha
aitz na..malas akue maw jawab..terserah lah apa yang semue fikir...aiman(aiqa) tak kesa...hmmm...biarlah rahsia.....i takde sesiape...haha..betul puwn ejaan nye..

Sukehati awak la, Sapika. Hehe Don't you miss your friends and PLKN?
haha,watever le lal*t(loghat KL) definitely i do but I sure don't wanna get there for the second time.. :p.... I do miss my friends but nevermind..I'll fly to KL to meet them(like i got that much money) [laughs]

I see. So, your body are slightly toned, now. Do you love your new bod?
Ooh la la..I love it...It is definitely my dream to make my body toned but now I almost get what I want, the first stage to the second stage,hey hey!i'm not fat albert!

Your new bod sure is nice! Last but not least, any words for people who are about to attend the next series of PLKN??
owh..i'm gonna tell them strong and don't make anything that would make yourself go into the flame! But i gotta tell u something,PLKN is really fun and u can make a difference from there..Remember, you'll be accompanied by a very beautiful tough lady....[laughs]

Right! Okay then! Thanks for being with us (which means me and the laptop) today.
My pleasure !!!thanks 4 inviting me and my wrist band to your house(can we call it house)..[Laughs] See u next time!

See you! Bha! Sana kau!
ah teda!akue di bangku!akue dengar tue...!

Ish! Sana dulu! Nanti baru ko tinguk hasilnya. Jeng3!
ah!nasib akue maw pi tandas juga.~ehem,merah muka~

Tyme lum apa2x laie..bju  besa..mekap puwn light...Be4 make-up




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