Tuesday, January 27, 2009


it's Chinese new Year.......

this year on Chinese new Year we go to 2 houses which is ours' family.....

1st house: it's auntie welin and uncle kenny's house,at first we eat oranges and
after that we eat KFC and PIZZA.....woohooo!!it's so delicious,i wish
i can eat it every day....(not really everyday otherwise i will be a fatty)
after we eat pizza,we played
monopoly(me,ila,ifa,nicki,richie,kak momo)and 4 da 1st tyme we played by
da right rules,ehehe...(be4 tis we just played our own rules)
be4 we can finish da game,we have to go to 2nd house....huhu......


2nd:it's uncle Ljohn & auntie Lucy's house,ehehe.......we don't play anything but we eat a very
delicious chicken curry.....hohoho!it's yummy and tasty....but ila can't stand the spicy and she is desprate for cold water,luckily there's a cold water(it's F&N orange)and i share my food with ivy,haha..
ifa and me are intertaining the kids while ila and nicki just watching us and taking picture,huhu...

saja2x ja tangkap,cute nie!ehehe!
their house ic nice....it's quite a big

This are my cousins(actually ila's cousins so it's not really my cousins but i think maybe far cousins)haha,anyway,they all are nice fun to get along wih..hehe...



Tanpa topi Besar dya...wahhaha!

kmi panggil dya Si kecik...

dya cru ja primary5 or 6...


cute oh dorang......dorang bakal

jadi penunggang motor petronas...

Nilah cousin kmi yg slalu ceria and funky

iaitu si nicki(baju hitam)...

Pastu aunty kinut yg sporting ketika begmbr(singlet brgaun putih)...

yg muka kamu semua slalu nmpk sie ila...

yg dgn sie ila tue

nama dya TongTong,chubby nie...

nicko yg slalu dgn gaya lawak dya.....gmbr dya mcm kena hentak batu nie d kepala.....

nicko yg maw lalu tpi ...aiiii....

ada org jatuh kerana penat melayan budak dn

di tarik oleh IVY.....dn roby dgn Ivy insist org tue utk bangun

THEN,picture of us and the kids..............
ifa and me is so tired melayan ivy and roby......haha...

(tiba2x lagu camp rock)

tis is me and roby...lol,ila and ifa's says roby mcm anak aku,
aku pn rasa gitu...tapi aku suka pla nie gmbr
mcm future aku bila ada anak....haha......

roby,me and ifa.....

(ada 1 picture yg si ifa angkat sie ivy tpi...huhu...
ebda dpt kasi masuk...)nasib si ila ada kasi masuk

roby in his own world haha.........

roby dgn iby suka kena balung(bobo) sma kena angkat yg mcm dlm pix...

dan org yg kepenatan melayan budak2x ,ditarik ivy

serta d paksa bgn oleh roby ilah taw2x lh dri baju tue

ila said aku jadi drg ivy punya favourite...and i guest it's true...

And anak kak momo yg chubby+putih+anak jepun+gemuk+cute= reigner...
when kak momo enter the door with her baby,eveyone says ANAK JEPUN....hehe
memang pn betul....

nah,gemuk kn sie reigner...hehehe!

mata dya pn cm japanese

HOME SWEET HOME,it's 8.00 pm now and we have to get home...

and our picture be4 we go to the 1st and 2nd house

and picture of us three with ivy. we all wishing y'all HAPPY NU YEAR.......

GONG XI FA CAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*********HAPPY LUNAR YEAR*********

********************************ANG PAU************************************




RM 10 + RM 5 = RM 15


Friday, January 23, 2009

l8 nyte...

i want to go out 2morrow

but we wasn't sure if we

can go out.....i hope we can go out

i've been thinking to go out 2morrow

until now..but the answers

seems blur.....hmmmmmm

i wanna go out and buy stationary

also something else which i haven't

think yet....haha... :p..........

Owh,and give my friend's stuff which

she request from me since yesterday

....................i hope i can go out 2 morrow.....................

gudbye or stay????

it's not about breaking with someone
but it's about friendster,should i stay to friendster if i create facebook's
account,or should i stay with both.
I scared that i have not much time to focus on both account,so maybe
i have to choose,huhu.... :( ...........

now i have to choose and decide which best
:( :( :( :( :( :(

another account

1. friendster:i got it already
i already got the friendster account..........and i've been thinking to
have another account like myspace.Actually
i got the account already but somehow i just forgot wat's the email
and my password....huhu....i was thinking facebook....

2. FACEBOOK:been thinking bout it
i've been thinking to have the account because it was so popular
nowadays,one of friends ask me to do it but i was
not really into it but she said it was more fun than friendster or
even myspace....but i don't have time...huhu :(
I think maybe i should try to do the account and finish the details

in tis holiday time...hehe....

changing way????

i h8 skol!!!i love holidays!!!!

i h8 skol.....huhu

i wish i can just be a japan's student

so i can feel free everyday and study with no worries.....

anyway i got excel since this monday(19/1/09)

luckily i can do it...and i nearly can't finish the BM because of my day dreaming

but somehow i manage to finish it......haha... :p

there was a spotcheck today(friday)

one of my friends hold my mobile and 2 other mobile which her friend's

and hers...while we all busy seeing a video from the mobile,the prefect

came in and we were just shock because we were really beside the prefect when they came in and we can't think other way except hide

the mobile under the shoes because they even check at the legs and breast...

i was really panic and cannot stop from bitting my nail!and i keep repeating my friend's name and said help me...so many times....i go out and my hands shaking,i can't even touch the phone because i was too panicked

my friend pulled me and i pulled my other fren,we just turn to the stairs and

go away from the prefect,luckily they don't stop us even if they suspect something
because of my friends feet...

when we enter the teachers office,there were so many teachers but we in the really

forcing condition so we just hide it at teacher table...which is my mum....

we manage to escape....hoooraaayy!!!!!!!!!!! but nearly get caught.....

and here it's comes.......holidays...i love holidays and miss holidays!!!!!even if its only 2 weeks after last year december we holiday...and this holidays 4 chinese nw year.....anyway love holidays!!!h8 school!!!!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


1. Do you think you're hot ?

- nope. i never think i'm hot and sexy... XD

2. Upload your favorite picture of you.

3. Why do you like that picture?

-just like it.......maybe because the necklace which have ring(that i hold) is there....hehe

4. When the last time u ate pizza?

- ummm......if i'm not mistaken,maybe 21 december

5. The last song u listened to?

-ummm, love story and my own song....lol

6. What are you doing now beside this?

- checking friendster.. :D

7. What name would you prefer besides yours ?

- Bella/Bunga/lili/Hana
- Japan's name:

People i tag;

1. my CUZZIE ila

2. my Cuzzie ifa(but she have deleted her blog)

3. Ain

4. Ewan

8. Who is nummber one?

- My cuzzie ila and ifa...

9. Number 3 is having a relationship with?

-aliens or superhuman or foergein people...???? :P

10. Say something about number 5.

- my mummy

11. How about number 4 ?

-my daddy(i can joke wif my dad but my mum is hard to make jokes wif her,that's why i choose my dad 4 no.4 and my mum 4 no.5 coz' he can comunicate wif me wif joke and he does give me spirit but i also love my mummy)

12. Who is number 2?

- she’s is my bestie

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here are the rules~

1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
5. Link the person who tagged you.
6. Leave a comment for each blogger

7 facts about me:


2. tidak minat dengan arah sains

3. ska haiwan yg cute

4. kdg2x pemalaz

5. ska shopping(tidak lh telampau)

6. ada eye back(tpi napa aku except)

7. suka ss menari ataw menyanyi d bilik mandi ataw law ada lagu yg rancak...(:P)

6 unspectacular quirks of me:

1. sometimes i turn moody so bad and if someone cheer me up,i'll will think that i'm so stupid become moody but 2. if i'm sad bout either personal or other things,i'll try to laugh but
then if no one see me,i cry..hmm,guess,that's a way to let ur feeling go
if i can't stand it
3.sma ja cam s ila,law maw jadi rajin,lepas 15 min or 1/2 jam
terus lapar lh,mengantuk lh...aiiiiii!
4. belajar jga tapi entahlh masi jga sama,peningkatan sikit ja(maybe otak kue
lemah brbanding org lain,utk business ja sesuai,hehe..)
5. apa2x ja yg pink or cute aku atrracted,kdg2x smpi waste duit beli
benda pink or cute......(+.+)
6. daydreaming and rasa sleepy setiap x cikgu bio ataw phy masuk

org yg maw d tag


ermmm,law ifa ada blog pun aku maw tag..hehe


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