Sunday, March 21, 2010

I OPENED UP ABOUT MY LOVE LIFE..btw maybe who read this think i'm stupid n crazy

it's a no fairytales
maybe who read think i'm stupid
or think love life is a secret
but i'm bored of keeping it
keeping it away from my mom and dad.....
i do have feelings but it's not that strong feeling towards love....
maybe i'm stupid,maybe it's stupid.

at was just a playgame 4 me
i took someone n dump him
becoz i don't feel like i want to be in loved
but i've broken up 2....
i see my mum with her bf(she's divorce)
she's is broken up...she needs fix
and it's so sad when she tell..
iqa,don't be in loved,,mens are useless,they just hurts
the girls out there..u see wat happens
2 me...but don't she think..i'm growing up..i have feelings like
other people 2....sometymes when i'm in loved i think bout her,
she must be broken up if she knew i was in loved so i just shut my love life
just like that
and be4 i knew it...all the love is turns 2 ashes no matter who i in love with
if he likes me then he don't like me..i just shut it off,,if don't like the person,i shut it off
if i like the person...i just shut it off coz i know he loves someone else..
so i'm like a robot when it comes 2 love,i hurt and the memory just slip away..and i replace it with anotherr memory of me n my family..
keep going on......

i never felt love in my's not that i ever hurt or wat
but it's naturally comes and suddenly the sparkle of love is gone
i don't know if i've been bad girl or wat..
but maybe god trying 2 not let me in loved coz if i'm in
maybe i'll be the broken hearted girl....
once i felt it and the scars are still there....

 don't know if i'm a stupid girl..all
i know is my love life is complicated
and when i'm in love,nothing goods came from it...

so wat is love???
maybe 2 those who in loved thinks love is sweet
but 2 me it brings bitterness,sometymes sweetness,confussion,tears and colours...

i'm not good in this love maze but i'm just always the girl who felt in love but i just
give up my love......tell ne why???ain't nothing but a heartache.....

love always bring me bad tymes so far
and when touch the love,it leave me
alone darkness keep coming but it always end
with thebroken glass

i seek my own self ,i try 2 figure wat is left
when i see wat left 4 me,i step out of
love.....i just so fed thinking be in loved
it's like freedom i searching for

it's hard for me to not care about it
i keep this secret form my 'rents
it's 2 hard when ur 'rents think u are
a little who is clean,who
is never be in loved,who is never have feeling towards

owh!my world is crashing down on me
please save me n take me away from this
situation owh god..
people think i'm stupid,people talk 2 me
i know nothing about love..tha's why i always
broken up by my love

i see this shadows of me,it walks alone with it's head down..
maybe i'm stupid,maybe i'm not ready 2 be in love
17 is hard 4 me..secret all in me
try break 2 free from myself..
all i can i do is watching
i'm sick of all my llife
owh god..please save me

no,i don't want another emotional breakdown

p/s:BTW..i'm not gonna kill myself becoz of love..
      i appreciate my life that is been given 2 me...



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