Sunday, October 17, 2010


last night was a blast!
i knew we couldn't dance(fatma,elaine,me,valen,anet evangeline) at the end of the prom night becoz teachers will be keeping eye on us~
so we just keep on eating everything,owh~~it's delicious n wow~~but unfortunately why must the fried rice tasteless~i think they don't put salt in there~anyway,my friends(valen and anet aurora) including me are running and the seats are all been taken by others ,we ask if there's any seat for us but we couldn't find one~~fatma and elaine already find seats when they arrived..they also helped us but they couldn't find one...~~
we have to seat at vegetarian table~~there's teacher~~i accompany anet to toilet...after a while,valen text me that fiona already helped us to find seats~~and it's enough for 3 people~~then anet aurora have to go back,she can't stay because she is sick and her gastric is bothering her~
so we send anet outside,after tat we go in again and there are's full of teacher's luckily they are the teachers who doesn't really care we sitting there~~they even asked us to eat a lot~~lol~~
some of the students are singing and edwin from lower six 1,he performed magic tricks(he is actually the mc for that night,his partner is camelia) is fun...he performed 3 magic tricks~the las one is the most interesting--he go around that table and he choose this girl name khadtijah~she is from upper six,he gives her the flower..he's talking chinese laguage when he kind of ask something and he passed the microphone 2 the girl,she said huh?then

well,after that 2 of students came out and sing different chinese song,they both have sweet voice.....then 2 of tudent,kaey yap and khung ting yung came up to the staged and plyed violin,anet evan also sings in kadazan "sinobun pinurubaan" hehe~~~i don't understand what the lyrics are but her vocal was really good,the upper six played charade games,and there's sign language performance~~they are very good and they dress nice also,they played video of teacher's that teach the upper six,the teacher's are wishing them goodluck n goodbye~so sad,then there's this poco2x music are going to be played,teacher bestah start to dance and everybody jion in..fatma elaine me val dance to the music but at first we don't really get so there was alot stepping on other people feet than dancing,after a while we start to get the rhytem~~hehe~~~~~~thanks to teacher bestah!!i supposed his name brings a good  luck~~

finally,the announce of the prom queen and prom king!they both are cute.....this boy is from upper six science and the girl is from(not sure) upper six 1~they 've been asked to dance together but it's really funny and at the same it's really sweet,it's like they are innicent..~so sweet!and then the all goes well i think even one of my friend go home early than we thought~~but i hope she's fine...
and then there comes the open dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!owh god,fatma n elaine start to pull us asked us to dance(unfortunately other people are busy taking pictures on dance floor tables ...everywhere then we just kind of leeting our free and 4 of us started dance to the music~they played maybe 4  songs--club can't handle me right now from step 3 which is perfect for 4 of us,dynamite by taio cruz,and the other two is urmm can't recall but the beat is really getting us to dance more n more~~then wilson join us to dance......he is so lucky that night...4 of us dance with him with upbeating music~~haha~~we dance till we feeling so exhausted!but it's worth it~~but

PS: we're NOT drunk at who needs alcohol when u know that can dance even without it~no offends n hard feelings i'm just saying~~biyane n kamsahamnida for reading this blog! n i want to thanks all the prom night members especially rowena n chang shu yen for maing it such a memorable night..without u all,we can't have this prom night..


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