Saturday, March 13, 2010


how u feel 2wards me??
was it hate or different??
are u sure wat u feel??
u give 2 anybody

this heart bleeding when
the words came out of your mouth
is this a game where
involve a girl's heart

ashamed coz thinking u are the person
another story came up..
can i stop this feeling or should in flow like water and
never come back......

i started 2 feel comfortable
when we chat 2gether...
but it's all dream..i wake up
2 see wat is fall apart get back 2 pieces
when almost night but
it is at it's weakest point
2 get back 2 pieces...

can i walk n' live the way i want 2
when i live in confussion...
should i settle this once n for all
or this matter stuck in my head
but keep my life going ont??

it's your choice...
can i make my choices so fast but
i do know you can make the choices
u can do more fast 2 choose what u have 2
shall u feel sorry,regret,disgusted,or akward..

maybe this shell is not strong enough
it one ever really understood it's feeling very well
so it's makes a new it happen all years
so it makes new shells every year..
could it still hold on....
no one could bear 2 suffers every year becoz of problems they have

sometymes crazy people are the best
of all.....but i'm not until crazy limits
could u break away by confussion??
the answers where evryone will know...

so how much this gonna takes form's a lot...the tension is in the air
we draw sumthing where the visions are clear
at last some people regret it,some people confuse,some people
love it,some people just make it positive..some people are
forced to remember or forget it...

answer is wat we looking for every day of our life...

should i keep this short memory in ur head or leave it.....

this short would u described it??

in the end,i just smile and hoping 4 the best while hearts are bleeding
could i make up the pieces and make it clear without red marks
could i break away,
i torn inside but i just make my self harder
can't u see this bleeds and dying
hopes n wishes mix and i'm scared,
i'm alone,i'm in dark...don't u no one
could have see it ...i just harden myself..this red marks everywhere
i just make it invisible...
i smile,my hearts happy,sad but wat could i's not gonna come back
n leaving me in confussion....


aFiFah MuShiRa said...

ala~ ko nie.. lek ja wa. =) da org d body glove tue masi. hehe. nanti aku tlg ko k?? haha! ui, mna chatbox ko nie?? susa aku maw comment? =.='


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