Tuesday, April 6, 2010


i've made 3 painting for two days..well,simple one of course..hrmm

felt these painting might be something i can do when i'm bored..he3x

never thought i've come back 2 painting after all this tyme..

i used 2 draw or paint when i'm feeling down/bored

but it fade away as i goes 2 form 4...some people thinks feelings can't be show by the painting itself
but i think it can actually..either u sad,happy,or broken...

sad-dark colors
happy-light color
broken-dark color n mix of pettern(round,solid colors) 2 show the unfixable or broken

hehe i guest painting is common for some people 2 let their emotion out.........

                                 i love this smiley..hehe...they are cute,u can do lots different
                               smiley ..love the pink one...but why is the pink is the bad one lol
                         doesn't it supposed to be red one..n the pink have teeth same as me..haha
                                         picasso painting! lol..while i was surfing for paintings
                                  in ggogle..i fell in love with this painting..it's picasso's painting
         this paintings looks very sharp and tidy..it's simple and focus on this girl..n the color is very                                      attractive..picasso is very creative!

wish my hometown were snowing like this(below)...temperature is hot in here!



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