Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Peter Conelly Story

This story is really heart breaking.....

Baby P was really adorable but the one who supposed to take care of Baby P is part of the crime.....
I really hope humans know they responsibility towards the one they love
except if they commit crime on you,u should let them be punish so they realize they are hurting u...

Baby P was tortured every single day by his stepfather....until his last breath in hospital...That stepfather of Baby P acting really nasty towards his stepson.....even animals can take care of their of their own family....
Even bears knows how to protect it's child...or the crocodile or snake.......

I watch this video on facebook:

isn't he is adorable......but however he just live only 4 1 year because of being tortured.....

"What the doctor doesn't know was Peter had broken ribs and broken back pralysing hin from the waist down"
"the broken back occured when Peter's stepfather was playing wif him,then a loud crack was heard throughout the house.Peter then let out a gut wrenching scream"
"His stepfather has snapped his spine into two"
"The last picture of Peter should be taken wif happy face but instead a scared child whose face has been smeared wif chocolate to hide his injuries"
"August 3rd 2007...Peter was crying in his cot becoz he had been in urine and feces for days"
"his stepfather came in and said "I'll sort it" He went into the room and slammed the door shut Then Peter went silent"
"Peter was punched hard until he swallowed his bottom teeth..It later found in his stomach"
"11.35 am,Peter's mother called ambulance..Peter was founded in blood splattered cot"
"Peter was taken to hospital but he had already gone to heaven"
"Peter had bleeding on his spine for 48 hours old"
"He had blackened fingers and toenails"
"One finger was missing a nail n the skin had been stripped"
"he had broken ribs that is 1-2 weeks old,skin was missing from the top of his tongue and lips caused by blow.The skin between his upper lips n gum was torn an his tooth has  been knocked out"
"All of Peter's cloth were found wif blood on them'
"Peter's mother,stepfather and a second man that was living in the house of Jason Owen were arrested  for Peter's murdered"
"It is believed that Peter's stepfather had filmed his tortured of Peter on cell phones which he buried in Epping Forest,East London"



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