Sunday, December 27, 2009

Morning days...

....i was really sleepy...n suddenly i woke up ...
guest wat??the frist thing is the toilet came cross my mind...well
maybe it sounds weird i tell this in my i just wanna post this morning
nothing to do wif anything
but i was actually reading USAMI MAKI-ROMANTIS BAS DI MUSIM BUNGA
so i really reallly feel that story is so not gonna happen in reality and i was like babbling 2 myself n keep on reading until the story is finish..and after that i realize i was actually in toilet....! it the comic makes us forget where we are???

after that...i go 2 sleep again..sleep and sleep ....woke up...i see the clock ..still early 9 i read the comic...KIM SEO HYUNG-BUAH ......

anyway...that is morning
tda2x juwa nie bhaw!



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