Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mum Go To Kinarut

She's going to be one of "prefect" that will be sent to watch the students while PMR is going on....


1. i staying at teacher's house now
2. i was actually can feel how to get  my own room XD

3. i'm so bad,mengintu internet teacher but only a while.. "_"
4. not sure if i can go back to my dad's place... :(

anyway,just update this only becoz she also using this com... :p

anyway,i want to just go off to somewhere where is relaxing like pulau sipadan or any beaches..huhu

i also want to shopping.. a bit...

i need lil fat...huhu :(

i want miracle happen to my complicated life

i want to meet my aunt and uncle in oxford shire,london...huhu... :(   miss them so much!



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