Saturday, December 12, 2009

B-day BLAST!

okay yesterday is my B-day!
and i'm so happy that i celebrate in 1b and my dad,aunt irene,mu cuzzie n ain!i invited
april but she can't come coz i sent the message when her dad already took off!SORRY EPAL!
but i promise her 4 next tyme,we'll gonna have a blast together wif my cuzzie n ain..!
we didn't have a chance 4 taking pic coz all we thinking is bout fun,fun,and fun!

1st place we go is pizza hut:
my dad,aunt irene,cuzzies n ain..most importantly the B-day girl..hehe :P

we having the set meal 6 + cheese rice
set meal 6:1 large pizza n 1 regular pizza
6 drinks(cola)...6 mushroom soups
cheese rice:1 drink(cola),1 mushroom soup
1 bowl of cheese rice

we were having fun aunt irene told us bout her contactlenses..
we were all like never seen contactlenses be4 when she showing her eyes to us..when she open her eyes widely..we were all said this words repeatedly .."ada,ada,ya ada,ada"
then there's one part when my dad said after we eat,laugh and share so we just burst into laugh....
be4 that we saying okay bha mari laugh..and we just laugh!
haha!everybody's looking at us coz we suddenly burst into laugh..well,it's still fun!

2nd place 2 go:
movie of course...
we watch zombieland,it's hillarious and the funny part is..there's a couple beside us so i think they choose the seats coz they thought there's no one gonna take the seats...apparently they wrong..they have the extra 4 audience beside them which is us and we kinda just burst into laugh when funny part came..they kinda distract n we trying not 2 distract them so we squeeze in 3 seats(we rise up the thing at seats where we put the drinks) haha!..stupid thing but fun................!we have so much fun a blast day so they will u know have a priv8 talk or sumthing...

3nd place 2 go:
here's my motto when playing it.....we don't have 2 get high marks among all our friends,we not profesional,n if we or our friend got high marks of all,it's her luck or she good at it but there's no point 2 let urself down wif's like so fun..maybe imagine someone u h8 then throw the ball..when just hit not in the centre,just cheer up like us 4...when u strike,hug ur girls,it's meaningful....u will cheerish the moment!have fun not compete!dun blame urself when u got low point..that's gonna sucks!any way..i just having laughter while playing it same as ila,ain and ifa...we cheerish the moment....

and those ila and ain such sneaky..when i and ifa got back from the toilet,wee see our name been mix by our ex...haha..very funny ila n ain...i and ifa just dropped our mouth and start 2 why u two...n i ask ain why..ainn said ila..and ila said ain agreed and i was like owh u two!..both of u are wrong!..same as ifa..haha...ifa like wat..why...!ila bha!kmu nie!
napa...just wait haha!

anyway,we playing great!fun and the score,i'm not looking 2 much bout the score..i just want to play!

ain  buy,ila n ifa buy.....i'm not
i'm thinking other place like d&m.

5th place:
d&m..i'm buying bags n cloth...i saw this bag when i just looking at bags in d&m,then ifa ask my opinion on the bags in the store which is opposite the d&m store...i give her opinion and i ask her opinion on the bag i she said it's beautiful but the problem is we both love that bag......but i thinking if there's another bag that i like so i just buy the other,and i found it!there's mashimaro hannging on the bag but another problem is ifa likes that bag 2..that means both of us like the other i made the suggestion on how bout i pay 4 the both bags so ifa pay me later..but we share the maybe it's fair i guest.....

6th place:home...
fuh!!!!so tired!!!!!!!!!!!

1 tragedy happen:ain gone missing...we forgot ain's hp out of bat so we decide 2 go 2 other shop and after that,we call her but :P when ila said ain's bat out bat..we start looking 4 her..i and ifa stops at d&m ......hehe...but ain totally worries...ain bhaw 2..go ain2x!..haha!


Cawan Cullivan said...

hahahahaha~!!! tragedi yg menimpa aiyn sungguh lawak! xD

nur ain said...

sial ko ewan..! haha

nur ain said...

eeya bha x smpat take pix =((

PiNkAPuNk.RoXy.XoXo said...

haha.....cian sie ain


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