Saturday, October 3, 2009

As i  promise last week,i'm going 2 upload those pixs in sandakan....

  This syahmi...cute kn???we thought his name is sami at 1st becoz my dad told me that his is sami...ih,my dad nie,he likes 2 joke...this is kak wati's son ,that means he is belong 2 da one n only kak wati n her husband  
i feel kinda guilty becoz i forgot 2 slam her husband...i'm kinda hurry when i'm going back so he is actually standing outside the house but somehow i don't know why i didn't notice him....he must feels bad..maybe he asking2 himself,am i that invinsible...arghhh....!!!why i'm so blind???

These 2 is my cousin's son,the upper image(his name is danish),well my 1st impression,i think he is so adorable and white,white is becoz i look at my cuzzie n he is tan,his wife 2 but he is white n so cute!!!then,second impression is danish,kinda similiar 2 vanish,anyway,i just think he is cute
The lower image(his name is Daniel)chubby kn....anyway,his style is really rock..haha,his hair kinda spiky like hs dad one's,doesn't speak much,the 1st word he says in sandakan is "kenapa??" cute....n he says nothing again,maybe he shy,i thought he can't speak yet when he says nothing from day 2 night but i see his size no way he can't speak yet,and he can speak actually.. :3

this is santibon,actually i confuse wif their names becoz of their fur,one of those cats also have fur like that,but it's names is satiid....there's only one way 2 recognize them is their nose.....but i still confuse sometimes...huhu :(

santiid and santiga,that's santiid,see the differents between santibon,and santiga,the blu tiga....i feel strange becoz cats in kampung is more healthy thatn the city cat... :o

Kittens....i don't know their names but they never been out while i stay in sandakan..they were keep in cage,i think their parents is the blackwhite cat and kucil
This cat is cute,adorable and needs a good care also a human's love,he is really a good cat...unfortunately,it is blind on the left side of it's eye,it is also 'rabun' on the right side if it's eye....... :( but it's have strong wills,it plays wif the cats n still continue play even if it's knock on anything like people's leg,he accidently knock onto my feet while playing wif i think people who is blind out there should have wills just like this cat....

This is kucil,if i'm not mistaken,this is sampip's children...hehe...cute!..itis not blind or 'rabun'
it's healthy n strong,u see,this cat is grown up cat but still,it's very close to it's mother..ehe! :D 

This also kitten,there is another one,it's fur same as santibon's n santiid''s name is ying...!kinda chinese name ut it's fit...beside it is kucil....kucil woke up n shocked by other cat then jump to ying..haha,cute
 This is their cage but kinda big cage,the cat which is alone in it's cage(it's sleeping)'s name ia kasir,he is the most big head,it's head was really big but he is manja to us!ooouuuhhhh!i want 2 hold it again!
This is me and my dad,at last,my dad's face is revealed,when he first make his hair bold,it's really weird..but maybe he likes this looks,his past,he is a rocker,u can see he is still opt rock look ; D (he wears necklace n grow a mustache) even if he is no longer have hair on his shiny head ...hehe! :p

From left : Mak cik Rama ,My Rock dad ,My Granma(yeah,nenek is so cool : D),Me(pura2x ayu)

From left : Syahmi ,Kak niah ,Nenek
relationship between syahmi n kak Niah son and mother

Haha,this pix is taken our disipline teacher(in house) that is Mak Cik Ani,as u can see we are not ready when this pic was taken,n my mouth shows like i was disgusting of something,haha...adei!nenek looking at tv actually
This was da best pix and everyone approve it. Why?becoz we all look white and of course,our red spot seems to vanish under this bright sun...ohh,yes,i love it!fab!
The posse is OK!but the color of the faces is hrmmm......i'm look like one of those skeleton doll in stores right now...haha...

...............................THE  END.................................



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