Sunday, December 20, 2009


well,apparently this holiday..... i spend my tyme on computer surfing the internet n
play games on my!
the PLKN thing is very upsetting me.....i really happy if i could find any part-tyme job after SPM over but
when i knew that i have wrapped all my things up and bring it fly with really break my heart...
hopefully i don't get sick while i'm there and of course

anyway,these holiday i spend my tyme on surfing internet..checking n reply all comments from my friend/someone who just add me in facebook....hrmm..playing glamour age,fashion wars, n sorority life..
well,i'm addicted 2 the games......

hrmmm...i also find themes n games for my mobile phone sothat i don't get bored when i'm in PLKN....hopefully the game i download from laptob gonna last longer like u know...i can play all sort of games in my phone while i'm there.......

err...watching DVD.....well...i thinking 2 have fun while i have tyme be4 going 2 PLKN...

hmmm....i planning 2 buy things also 4 the PLKN like sunblock.. :3 ermm wat else.....lotion,face wash..
it's for protecting me from the least for the whole 3 month/2 month and a half.....

whitening my teeth.. it's hard 2 get myself a proper care while i have 2 eat 6 tymes in 1day
+ get myself under the sun and sweats a lot,that's not gonna be fun...if i can do something stupid while in there...i'm gonna cry every night or shout(tuck my face 2 pillow) every night.....and probably escape from there but unfortunately..if i escape,situation gonna be tough on me......

I treat myself for a new handbags n purse that i thought 2 tymes be4 buying...luckly the price reasonable...
n taking my driving lesson..but i can only take until 3rd stage then after the PLKN is over then i go to the 4th
i still in contact wif some of my friends dow. :)
lol....and i i'm really appreciate 2 those friends who have support me and remember me even after school
is over......... :) n trully miss my old friend,Salina..n i'm gonna miss my family when i'm in PLKN...huhu!



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