Friday, January 23, 2009

i h8 skol!!!i love holidays!!!!

i h8 skol.....huhu

i wish i can just be a japan's student

so i can feel free everyday and study with no worries.....

anyway i got excel since this monday(19/1/09)

luckily i can do it...and i nearly can't finish the BM because of my day dreaming

but somehow i manage to finish it......haha... :p

there was a spotcheck today(friday)

one of my friends hold my mobile and 2 other mobile which her friend's

and hers...while we all busy seeing a video from the mobile,the prefect

came in and we were just shock because we were really beside the prefect when they came in and we can't think other way except hide

the mobile under the shoes because they even check at the legs and breast...

i was really panic and cannot stop from bitting my nail!and i keep repeating my friend's name and said help many times....i go out and my hands shaking,i can't even touch the phone because i was too panicked

my friend pulled me and i pulled my other fren,we just turn to the stairs and

go away from the prefect,luckily they don't stop us even if they suspect something
because of my friends feet...

when we enter the teachers office,there were so many teachers but we in the really

forcing condition so we just hide it at teacher table...which is my mum....

we manage to escape....hoooraaayy!!!!!!!!!!! but nearly get caught.....

and here it's comes.......holidays...i love holidays and miss holidays!!!!!even if its only 2 weeks after last year december we holiday...and this holidays 4 chinese nw year.....anyway love holidays!!!h8 school!!!!!!!



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