Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ifa's school

so,i didn't wrote about
anything things this days...u want to know why??simple...i'm too lazy to write....hehe!
2 weeks ago,i goes to afifah's school
for her 5a's celebration and the prize...so she suppose to
get on the stage and receive her prize and sijil.....she did..
her school was not really good looking but inside it have a pond,a clock tower,well,looks same with clock tower but shorter than clock tower,the field in front of the canteen and car park....
p/s:the pix is been erase be4 i could upload to my own blog but my cousin have the pic in her blog.....
so as we go in,we find sits but
i and qilah so hungry,so we borrow some money from afifah and
find wat we can eat and drink at the canteen...and we found the chocolate muffin and its cheap...only rm 0.80...and ice lemon tea ping for rm 1.20...yummyyyy!
qilah even meet her friends there,
farrahin and aina...so she chat aith them from across her chair lil bit...while we waiting 4 afifah going up the stage...afifah came and join us for while...she join us..and we have a idea to take pictures of us 3....so we ask farra to help us to take our pix...
ok,well,actually my elective subject only 30 over (except physics..27 bluekk!!...so bad)because it's science stream and is new and hard..

so after taking nicki's pix,we go to
the canteen and well,drink and eat!so much fun when we eat and drinks



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