Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good morning and day..afternoon,evening and night...!

ok...i don't have much to say right now but........

i remember something that makes me laugh....

there is this guy ..a guy who is my older nephew brother's frenz..

his ringtone is actually kinda unsuittable 4 him but he slowly take his hp(while we on the way in car sending him home,.me and my cuuzzziieeee!!!)and smile at his own mind!

and he look outside and he just act like it "well,u know me" the he open his phone with a really slow emotion and laugh lil bit(he sounds so ewww!!!!!!!!! coz he was trying to control his voice).........oh my gosh!

and i know ila...u will know this guy..just remember a duck which the colour is black!....ila..u will be laughing when u read tis and i'm not sure if other laugh too!but really if u guys or girls in our shoes ..u would be laughing out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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